Battlefield dev game ARC Raiders
Battlefield dev game ARC Raiders

Battlefield dev game ARC Raiders has been delayed.

During the ceremony for The Game Awards that took place the previous year, we were introduced to ARC Raiders for the very first time. Embark studio, which is primarily made up of EA DICE veterans who had previously worked on following iterations of Battlefield, showed its shooter, and it was unavoidable to confess that it appeared to be pretty good quality.

In the clip that announced the game, it was stated that ARC Raiders will be available for purchase in the year 2022. Now, Embark’s plans have shifted, which was something that was communicated to us through Twitter. The planned project, in its current form, represents an ambitious stance; hence, the creators will require additional time to perfect the diamond.

It has been noted that as the creators begin more intensive testing of ARC Raiders with players, additional information about the production will be revealed. Therefore, we will need to be patient and hold out until 2023 in order to watch the premiere; sadly, the specific date has not been disclosed.