God of War PC Review and Rating

God of War is a game.. Is there a need to explain what a game is? Is there a player who does not know her? We don’t think so. We are here to talk about the review and rating of God of War PC, or the PC version that Sony surprised us in its announcement earlier and which, as you might expect, was as great as the game itself. Without further ado, let’s talk about our experience with the game on PC.

Before we go to the general experience and review of the game, since everyone knows the fun and beauty of the game, we will talk about the new version. The most important thing in copying computer games that are transferred from one platform to another or even developed from scratch is the technical side and performance. If the performance is not good and the studio is not tuning it enough, the players will not be able to live the full experience and enjoy the game. Fortunately, the Jetpack Interactive team under the supervision of Santa Monica provided us with a more than excellent version, as the game ran smoothly without any technical issues.

I tested God of War PC on my overclocked i5-8400 and GTX 1060 6GB mainframe, performance was between 50-60fps most of the time on the game’s original resolution, and was consistent at 60fps or higher on low resolutions. The original resolution is the resolution of the original game on PlayStation devices, and it was great working on these devices like this. I also tested the game on the RTX3050Ti and the Ryzen 7 5800HS processor, and I learned the game perfectly, especially with DLSS technology from NVIDIA. It is also worth noting that the computer version supports AMD FSR technology, which is great.

The second most important aspect of computer copying is control. God of War PC supports mouse and keyboard fully and the experience was very satisfying, but I only played with mouse and keyboard for testing as I spent almost all of my time playing with an Xbox Series X controller. Yes gentlemen, I played the PlayStation icon on PC with an Xbox controller, what a nice feeling!

These are the two most important aspects of the PC version, and now we come to the important question for players who haven’t played yet: Is the game worth buying and trying? The answer is yes! Although I played the game on PlayStation 4 Pro at the time of its release in 2018, I listened a lot more while playing it on PC. The performance and smoothness were far better than my experience, the comfortable handling and all aspects contributed to that. If you have enough hardware, the game runs at higher graphics than the PlayStation devices and then you will get a more immersive experience.

In fact, my plan in reviewing and evaluating God of War PC was to play the PC version for about five hours to review the version only, but I was attached to the story, the commando Kratos and his son Artios, and the very fun gameplay and I played it for more than twenty-four hours, and I plan to play more. Personally, I consider this part the best part of the entire series, whether with its touching story, satisfying and enjoyable gameplay, great graphics, and all the aspects that combine to give you the perfect experience. For me, the only aspect that I don’t like about the game is the plethora of puzzles but it doesn’t affect the whole experience and it’s sparse when you factor it all in.

PC is my main platform, and seeing God of War on it is great and I thank Sony for making their beloved titles available on more platforms so that more players can live these experiences. Days Gone was excellent on PC and Horizon Zero Dawn was okay at launch and good after updates but based on my modest experience and expertise, God of War PC is the best PC version of the PlayStation game.

This game offers you a rich, deep and emotional story especially between Kratos and Artios and their interactions with each other and their words. I really enjoy the common situations and seeing their very different reactions to each event. Although they are very different, they cannot hate each other, which is very important in this challenging and challenging journey.


  • Excellent performance and no technical issues.
  • Full mouse and dashboard support and satisfactory control.
  • Support for computer technologies such as DLSS, FSR, and more.
  • Great graphics and a more than wonderful and enjoyable experience, whether in the story, gameplay, and progression.


  • Riddles kill enthusiasm sometimes


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