Phasmophobia just got harder with new patch

The developers of the hugely popular game have extended Early Access and issued a couple of game improvements for hardcore players.

The creators of the co-op blockbuster Phasmophobia did not expect the game to be successful at all: it requires ingenuity, a microphone and the ability to work as a team. It looks like someone underestimated the Steam audience – a circulation of 2 million and a peak online of 70 thousand players confirm a terrible mistake.

Therefore, Kinetic Game will shake up the whole game, rewrite a significant part of the code and significantly extend the early access period for testing the gameplay elements in the game. But not all of their improvements are successful.

For example, a fresh update will remove improved lighting due to numerous bugs. And many fixes are aimed at saving players from new bugs. But the update will also add new amenities, teach ghosts to ambush fleeing players, and remove hints at a high level of difficulty about how many players the ghost is ready to communicate with.