PS5 with 1440p support
PS5 with 1440p support

PS5 With 1440p Support But no VRR.

In the latter days of July, Sony provided specifics regarding the upcoming software upgrade for the PS5. The support for a resolution of 1440p, which is normal for a lot of displays, is the most significant new feature that the company is working on right now.

The most recent version of the firmware is being tested in its beta form at the moment; however, Sony has only invited a select few individuals to review the files. The editors of Digital Foundry are a part of this group, and they took a more in-depth look at how the PS5 handles the production of 1440p images.

The findings of the investigation conducted by Digital Foundry are, on the whole, encouraging. When the 1440p option was selected for the first time in the console’s menu, Sony took care of the necessary test cycle that was required. After a period of 15 seconds, the resolution will revert to the setting that it was in by default if we do not affirm that we are able to view the image correctly. Because of this unfortunate limitation, we are unable to select the VRR option in the currently tested version of the system files while the 1440p mode is activated. However, after the testing phase of the current firmware, it’s possible that such an option will become available to us.

According to Digital Foundry, it would be worthwhile for Sony to make the PlayStation 5 compatible with HDMI 2.0 televisions that have a resolution of 1440p and an option for 120 frames per second. The failure of the Samsung NU8000 TV to complete all of the tests described in the previous paragraph is shown beginning at the 7:01 mark in the recording (now you have to use the “trick” to pass the test and activate the 1440p option). The image quality analysis in 1440p is available to be viewed when the video has reached the 9-minute mark. The game Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which is compatible with the option of having its resolution set to its native 2560 by 1440 pixels, will be put to the test.

We do not yet have any information regarding when Sony will release the final version of the firmware that is currently being tested. You can learn more about the recent changes that have been made to these system files by reading here.