Rating: Horizon Forbidden West

About this game

Horizon Forbidden West is the second installment of the amazingly successful game, in which Aloy continues her adventures and gathers allies to face a new danger.

Game Info

Publisher: PlayStation Studios

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Release Date: February 18, 2022

Type: Action, Adventure

Age classification: GCAM +16 (Saudi age classification)

Game age: 30 hours (approx)


  1. The story and the world of the game are among its most distinguishing features, as the world and humans seem to be primitive, but it is a return to primitiveness after the destruction of the world and the spread of deadly machines in it. The different tribes and some of them revering their ancestors or the machines is interesting, as is seeing the landmarks of America after the destruction of the world.
  2. The music is good, although it tends to be dramatic sometimes, the sounds of nature add a lot, the vocal performance is generally good, especially Aloy, and the scenes are only flawed by the expressions of the characters sometimes and the fact that some of the dialogues are clumsy.
  3. Machine combat is also unique, each machine has weaknesses and shields that you can destroy and even use the weapons on the machines. You always have the option of stealth, as well as your spear, various arrows, and traps, and after you get the ability you can even tame them and fight with them.
  4. There is a great diversity in the environment, there are forests, snowy areas, deserts, rocky areas, tropical forests, beaches, and the cycle of night and day gives beautiful views, especially dawn and sunset, and you can move around this world walking, climbing, riding, swimming and even diving.
  5. The game covers everything we’re used to, there’s stealth and fighting humans and machines, there’s riding machines and using the sail to get off the hills (though rarely needed), hook, puzzles, and an open world with side missions, challenges, and mini-games. There is also a gathering of supplies and the manufacture of stocks and tools.
  6. You have a hall and gather allies as the game progresses, it is your main center and evolves with time. It’s a touch we’ve seen in games like Guardians of the Galaxy and Mass Effect and gives you a greater connection to the game world. In it, you constantly discuss with your allies and help them in their missions.


  1. The game lacks refinement compared to other publisher games, the graphics are not as clean as Ratchet & Clank games, Ghost of Tsushima and some details, such as grass or sunlight between trees or entire objects such as a gate, appear and disappear suddenly when you approach it, there are also some technical errors such as the lack of a button On-screen interaction despite his work, was not smooth at the beginning of the movie scenes and my character got stuck more than once in the world.
  2. The combat may be the highlight of this game, but fighting the bosses, usually several machines in an enclosed space, gets frustrating sometimes due to the angle of the camera and the fact that some of the blows may come from outside the camera angle. Also, fighting humans is not fun and doesn’t present a challenge, but it improves a bit after you unlock advanced abilities.

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